Assess your courage. See what it takes to prosper with aggressive goals, technical hurdles, scrutiny, diversity, change. Investigate Courage to Act™ coaching, leadership, team mobilization, courageous conversations workshops.

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Dr Merom Klein &
Dr Louise (Yochee) Klein,

Co-Directors of
The Courage Institute & recognized leaders building courage & mobilizing organizations to lift performance

The Courage to Act The Courage to Act by Dr Merom Klein and Dr Rod Napier shows you how to inspire courage in others and respond to your own personal moments of truth with the courage to stretch and make the right things happen.
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The Courage Institute - Building courage
impact of courage Assess your courage Build your courage
Impact of courage
What clients accomplished with a higher Courage Index™

Assess your courage
To mobilize teams, which of the 5 Courage Factors do you need to strengthen?

Build your courage
How do our programs & services equip you to lift your Courage Index™?
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See courage in action
Dr Merom Klein & Dr Louise (Yochee) Klein describe The Courage Institute's methodology
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Courage to Lead™ workshops

>> customised in-house programs for your organization